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January 24, 2018

Moron Vikings fans are planning on false imprisoning Eagles fans the week of the Super Bowl

Minnesota Vikings fans did not take their butt-whipping to the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship Game well. It appears that a number of Vikings fans, with no sense and a whole lot of free time are planning on signing up as Uber or Lyft drivers, and dropping off Eagles fans in wrong locations the week of the Super Bowl. 

There are dozens of these on Twitter, but here's a small sampling:

That is so far beyond stupid it boggles the mind. How exactly do they think that would go down? They pull up to some barn out in the boonies, when the Eagles fan thinks he's getting dropped off at the stadium, and the fan thinks, "Hmmm, I thought this was supposed to be an enormous state of the art facility. This isn't at all what I was expecting. Anyway, here's your tip, good sir." Then they get out of the car and look for someone to give their tickets to for admission to the game? Is that really how these dolts think that would go?

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But beyond the stupidity of it, it's potentially a crime. For the purpose of being thorough, we contacted the Bloomington Police Department (that's where a whole lot of hotels are for the week of the Super Bowl). According to them, it is not necessarily a crime for the Uber driver to take you to a wrong location. However, it's pretty easy to see if your driver is veering off-course, because you yourself will have the same GPS directions on the app on your phone as the driver. If something appears not to be right, ask to get out of the car. If the driver does not allow you to do so, they can be charged with false imprisonment. 

Maybe risking jail time to inconvenience Eagles fans to some small degree seems worth it to Vikings fans, seeing as the Vikings themselves barely inconvenienced the Eagles last Sunday.

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