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May 09, 2017

NBA Rumors: ESPN reporter believes Sixers are interested in free agent Kyle Lowry

If you thought today would end the rumors about Philadelphia native Kyle Lowry coming home to the Sixers in free agency, well, you’re going to have to wait a little while longer.

Appearing on the 97.5 Midday Show, ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst continued to stoke the Lowry to Philly fire, calling the scenario “in play” (h/t Liberty Ballers):

I think it’s in play. I think the Sixers are interested, I would think it would take a max-level contract. I don’t know how Bryan Colangelo feels about paying a 31-year-old a max-level contract, and they’ve also declared that Ben Simmons is going to be their guy. That could be a marriage where you bring Ben along with Kyle, and then by the time Kyle is ready to transition to a more backup role, maybe Ben could be ready, or maybe they want to go with Ben right away. That’s things they haven’t made public yet and I understand why they haven’t.

Windhorst continued to explain some of the circumstances surrounding Lowry’s upcoming free agency. Specifically, while Lowry has made a lot of money over his NBA career — His last contract was four years, $48 million — this is his one chance to really cash in as the salary cap has exploded.

Again, this is all rumor at this point of the game. But here are the numbers on what a max contract for Lowry would look like:

Another argument that Windhorst later made for signing Lowry was to bring a veteran presence into the locker room a la David West and the Indiana Pacers during the 2011 offseason (again, h/t Liberty Ballers):

That’s what the benefit of a guy like Kyle Lowry would be. I feel like bringing him into the Sixers would bring a level of professionalism, and I feel like Colangelo has wanted that type of player...there is a compatibility there.

Despite the fact that so many Sixers fans seem to hate the idea of signing Lowry, I do agree with Windhorst here about the intangible value the 'Nova product could bring. The difference, of course, is that West signed his initial contract for two years and $20 million way back when. Lowry would be far costlier and for a longer term.

So, what I’m trying to say is, I don't really agree with Windhorst.

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