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October 26, 2019

NBC's 'The Good Place' shouts out Nick Foles' Super Bowl victory with the Eagles

"Nick Foles, are you kidding me? He won a Super Bowl! We're gonna be unstoppable!"

I'll be honest: I know next to nothing about the very popular NBC show "The Good Place". I think it has something to do with the afterlife, and I know it has a long running joke about the character Jason's favorite football team, the Jacksonville Jaguars. I've heard it's good!

The show's character Jason, from what I can gather, used to be an enormous Blake Bortles fan. (He was probably the only Jaguars fan, real or fictional, to feel this way.) 

As the show's fourth season rolls along, though, Bortles is no longer the Jags' starting quarterback, which led to a Philadelphia Eagles-themed moment in Thursday night's episode.

Because television is filmed so far in advance, the episode featured a very silly and endearing moment about Eagles legend Nick Foles, and the time he won a Super Bowl, as Jason learns the Jags have moved on from Bortles.

Foles, of course, isn't the team's starting quarterback right now because of an injury, but the show was too far into post-production to change a relatively unimportant scene to include Gardner Minshew instead of Foles, so they just rolled with it.

You can watch a (slightly grainy) clip of the moment below:

Here's the important part of the interaction:

"She told me so many lies, like she told me the Jags cut Blake Bortles. Can you believe that?"

"Oh, no, Jason that wasn't a lie. Blake Bortles was cut by the Jaguars."

"What? How? Why? Who's their QB now?"

"A man named Nick Foles."

"Nick Foles, are you kidding me? He won a Super Bowl! We're gonna be unstoppable!"

If you'd told any Eagles fan, four years ago, that the quote, "Nick Foles, are you kidding me? He won a Super Bowl! We're gonna be unstoppable!", would one day be uttered on a sitcom, you would have received some very strange looks.

I do like that they covered up for Foles' injury with some late dubbing about his clavicle injury. Television magic!

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