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August 03, 2017

Video: Nerlens Noel does not miss Philadelphia

Nerlens Noel, whom I once stood behind in line at my old neighborhood Wawa at Second Street near South, not only apparently does not miss being my neighbor but doesn't miss the city at all.

Professional s***-stirrers TMZ recently caught up with the free agent NBA center and former Sixer outside a Los Angeles nightclub in the wee morning hours.

When asked if he missed Philly, Noel responded: "Nah."

Noel was traded to the Dallas Mavericks at the deadline this past February in a deal that was seen as a losing one for the Sixers.

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Now a restricted free agent, the Mavericks seem to have all the leverage in contract negotiations, as Noel can't seem to find the big-money deal he's looking for elsewhere.

It's not an ideal situation to be in for — at least defensively — a very talented player. And enduring The Process for its entirety and all the losing it entailed, only to be traded right before the team was set to possibly become competitive, might leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth.

So some paparazzo shoving a camera in my face at 2 a.m. after I was just partying all night might elicit a similar, terse response if I was in Noel's shoes. Just a thought.