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May 06, 2015

Netflix or study? A guinea pig has your answer

Netflix Periscope
Netflix periscope Netflix US/Periscope

The guinea pig Professor Fuzzlepants helps students decide wether they should study or watch Netflix.

For many colleges and universities across the region, it's finals week. That means time to hunker down, block out distractions and hit the books. 

However, even the most diligent student needs an occasional break. For many, the online video-streaming service Netflix provides the necessary mental vacation from reviewing their notes, but can oftentimes overtake the will to study.

So, how does a college student find the balance between study time and binge-watching? Well, Netflix is trying to help provide an answer. With a guinea pig, that is.

The company's Periscope account is using the live-streaming app to broadcast a guinea pig in a rectangular box. Half of the box is marked as the "study section" while the other half is marked as the "Netflix" section. Whichever section the pet, named Professor Fuzzlepants, is in at the moment allows students to make a decision on whether to study or watch Netflix.


According to Twitter users, Professor Fuzzlepants has spent most of his time in the "Study" section. Even the official account for residential housing advising at the University of Wisconsin-Madison agreed with the pet's decision making.

To follow Professor Fuzzlepants' advice on whether to binge-watch or study, check out Netflix's periscope account here.