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January 11, 2019

Netflix’s red-hot show 'You' features a very small, very niche Philly shoutout

Blink, or grab something from the fridge, and you could miss it

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South Fellini You Netflix Screenshot/Netflix

The stickers, in all their glory.

There’s a television show called “You” — yes, we’re clearly running out of TV show names — that everyone's talking about. We're sure you've heard of it.

(Netflix makes it hard to officially find out what's actually being watched in a given week, but just look at this Google Trends graph of searches for “You Netflix” and you’ll see what we mean.)

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After an underwhelming first season on Lifetime, “You” brought its second season to Netflix, which basically led directly to the bump. 

“You” is going to be a Netflix original from now on, which means (if it continues to be regarded as a solid television show) it’ll probably be one of those names you keep hearing, like “Stranger Things” and “Black Mirror”, for years to come.

What makes this neat for Philadelphians? A pair of stickers on the laptop of the show’s character Beck:

That’s right: Beck is canonically a fan of East Passyunk art house/shirt factory/general Philly-stuff-making collective South Fellini.

Of the two Philly stickers, the one on the left is South Fellini’s classic logo, while the one on the right is a sticker for South Fellini’s 2018 horror movie “American Exorcist”, which received a release on Prime Video and can be watched right here.

It’s super small and super niche, but it’s always fun to see little Philly secrets peppered throughout pop culture.

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