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July 29, 2019

New Jersey's aid in dying law takes effect Thursday

Mentally sound terminally ill patients will now have the choice to end their own lives with dignity

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Beginning Thursday, New Jersey adults who are terminally ill will be able to self-administer lethal drugs to end their lives.

These end of life decisions will now be made legally under the "Medical Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act," which enables patients of sound mind to request a dosed prescription to end their lives with dignity, per

The law was approved and signed by New Jersey’s Gov. Phil Murphy in April, despite his Catholic affiliation, the New York Post notes.

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Death with dignity laws in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont and Washington have enabled 3,478 people to die, according to the states’ health departments. The District of Columbia and Montana are right-to-die states but legal challenges remain an obstacle and no deaths have been reported. Maine just passed its law in June.

New Jersey residents who plan to take advantage of the law must face a prognosis of six months or less and be cleared by a psychiatrist or psychologist determining mental capacity to make the decision, per CNN.

They also have to show proof of residence in the state.

The prescription is a series of pills that can be taken at home, CNN reported.

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