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February 25, 2015

Nutter wants 10,000 summer jobs for city youth

Mayor Michael Nutter is urging local businesses to hire 10,000 young people for the summer.

In what was dubbed the 2015 Summer Jobs Challenge, Nutter said that more jobs for Philly's youth are important to the city, the Philadelphia Business Journal reported.

"Youth employment and the development of a skilled, educated workforce are critical to achieving so many of our city's long-term priorities," Nutter said. "By providing a young person with a summer work opportunity, employers are investing in the future of their company, the future of their young employees, and the future of our entire city."

WorkReady Philadelphia, a cross-sector partnership, is targeting young people aged 12-21 and said that the initiative is meant to "enhance their understanding and mastery of skills needed to become active and productive citizens."

Philly has the highest rate of unemployment among youth aged 16-24 in the state at 9.4 percent. 

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