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March 17, 2017

This online quiz tells you which Philly mural you are

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Frequencies north philly mural Steve Weinik/Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

The 'Frequencies' mural in North Philadelphia by artist Benjamin Volta.

If you were looking for yet another online quiz to reaffirm some vague personality trait you identify with, and ultimately to distract yourself from the sobering reality that we are all on a slow march toward death, here's one with a local spin.

The quiz, which had been taken almost 800 times as of Friday morning, tells you which of Philadelphia's many murals you are.

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In order to so, the quiz asks the following questions:

• Which season suits you best?

• What your style is like?

• Chose a favorite among of eight colors

• Tell about your personality by picking one of four options

• Describe how you like to spend your free time

I'm "enthusiastic and energetic" and I like to "party all night." Naturally, I got the "Frequencies" mural in North Philly. If you know me, you know that mural is so me.

Here's what the quiz determined about my personality:

Your vivid imagination, cool style, and love of all things literary make you the perfect match for the STEAM-fueled patterns of Ben Volta's Frequencies.

I haven't finished an entire book in seven months, and three days ago I wore sweatpants to work. You can take the quiz here. Happy Friday.