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January 08, 2015

Painted Bride revives 'The Future' with new photo exhibit

The popular rock and roll cabaret is back.

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The Future Jauhien Sasnou/Painted Bride Art Center

"The Future" plays at Painted Bride Art Center Jan. 15-17.

For a limited time only, Painted Bride Art Center will revive last year's sellout hit from BRAT Productions, "Always Coming Soon: The Future." The new production of the rock and roll cabaret will be accompanied by a special gallery exhibit featuring local photographer Jauhien Sasnou.

"The Future" began as a series of songs written by Peter Gaffney in 2009 and 2010 which were first performed by Cabaret Red Light, co-founded by Gaffney, as part of a monthly variety show. In 2013, BRAT artistic director Jess Conda teamed up with Gaffney to put together a performance of some of the songs, complete with a theatrical structure and story. Of Gaffney's approximately 50 original songs, nine came together to create what is now called "Always Coming Soon: The Future."

"The Future" centers on themes of time and control, told through Gaffney's prog-rock sounds with vintage circus imagery. The story itself follows a group of vagabonds who find a strange machine and can't decide whether to try it out. The satirical show combines absurdist and physical theater with cabaret for a hybrid style true to BRAT's non-traditional philosophy.

The spirit of this intensely visual theatrical production is encapsulated in Sasnou's photos. The exhibit, which is housed in the Art Center as well, includes a mix of large format portraits of the show's cast, as well as smaller shots of the process behind "The Future." 

Always Coming Soon: The Future

Thursday, January 15 through Saturday, January 17
Showtimes vary | $20
Painted Bride Art Center
230 Vine St.
(215) 925-9914