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October 23, 2015

Parents claim woman pulled gun on students at North Philly school

Police search car, home of woman who allegedly threatened four boys

Several parents of children at Bayard Taylor Elementary in North Philadelphia appeared at the school Friday morning to demand greater safety after they claim a woman pulled a gun on four students during an argument Thursday afternoon.

According to the group of parents, the altercation occurred on school property when a woman, who has not been identified, reprimanded four male students for swearing, 6 ABC reports. When the students told her to shut up, the boys claim she threatened them with a gun she had in her car and actually showed them the weapon.

The grandmother of one of the boys said that the kids initially thought it was a toy gun until the woman pulled out a clip and showed them bullets. The boy claims the woman said she was going to shoot them.

Police confirmed that they were able to locate the accused woman, but they were unable to find the alleged weapon she used to threaten the boys after performing a search of her car and house.

The principal of Bayard Taylor Elementary sent students home with a letter Thursday to assure parents that Philadelphia police would be at the school for arrival and dismissal.

As of Friday, parents say that did not happen and they are now demanding police presence at the school.