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May 22, 2015

Pennsylvania homeowner discovers man living upstairs

Locking your door isn't always a safeguard against intrusion. Neither is a caretaker, apparently. 

An elderly woman was in for a shock at her home in central Pennsylvania when she and her daughter discovered an unknown man camped out in an upstairs closet where he had secretly been living for several weeks.

The unidentified homeowner, in her 80s, was limited to the first floor due to difficulty moving, which allowed the man to remain undetected on the second floor until the mother and daughter heard a noise coming from upstairs, NBC News reports.

Police in Bedford County said that the man, Mark Potts, turned out to be the boyfriend of the woman's caretaker. He had moved several suitcases into the home and even had a small handgun in his possession, according to Bedford County District Attorney Bill Higgins.

Officials said that Potts faces criminal trespassing charges and the caretaker could face additional charges for aiding him.