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October 09, 2018

Pennsylvania mom: Daughter's green screen photos 'best f*** up I have ever done'

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Green Shirts Addison Laura Pyle/Facebook

Addison Pyle picked a green dress for school picture day. The dress was anything but green in the proofs her mom got back.

Picture day is kind of a big deal for most parents of elementary age children. The kid needs to look presentable in at least one annual photo so that no one suspects the truth, that they're generally not.

One Pennsylvania mother made the mistake of letting her daughter choose her own dress for picture day this year. The girl picked a sequined, green dress that blended right in with the green screen backdrop, which photographers use to offer parents scenic variety.

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Laura Pyle ended up getting the best of all worlds. Her daughter, Addison, matched with every background available, thanks to the texture of the sequins on the dress. What might have been a mistake some parents regretted has turned into a viral joke on Facebook.

“This is the story of a little girl’s love of a green dress, and (a) mother who tries to instill independence, and how those two things came together in the most epic and brilliant combination possible," Pyle wrote in an essay about the mix-up for Love What Matters.

Addison also didn't seem to care that her favorite green dress appeared in exactly none of the 87 options presented to her.

"As a mother, I am so proud that my daughter was able to see these photos and find joy and humor in them," Pyle wrote. "My husband and I hope to continue teaching our children that while life can be stressful, you can always find happiness in little things, even unintentional mishaps involving a green dress.”