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March 03, 2017

Pennsylvania university responds after students appear in 'blackface' on Snapchat

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Millersville blackface @veeno__/Instagram

This Snapchat photo of two white females wearing 'blackface' was posted to Instagram Thursday by a user who said the two were students at Millersville University. The school said it was investigating a 'racially insensitive' post the same day.

A Pennsylvania university is condemning a social media post in which two white students appear to be wearing black on their faces.

In a statement Thursday, Millersville University President John M. Anderson said that the school does not support or condone the "racially insensitive images."

The university said it is conducting an investigation into the post and will work with students to provide community support.

"I’m counting on all of us to make Millersville University an inclusive learning environment that is free from hate," Anderson said.

The post in question appears to be a Snapchat photo that has since been circulated on other social media outlets. In the photo, two female students are wearing black on their faces.

The photo includes a Snapchat filter that was made available for Black History Month. It reads, "young, black & proud."

Instagram user @veeno__ posted a screenshot of the Snapchat post Thursday. 

"I attend Millersville University which is a predominantly white institution," the user wrote. "The fact that me and others are surrounded by people like this is disgusting."

Millersville University is located in Lancaster County. The undergraduate population is roughly 76 percent white and about 10 percent black, according to Forbes.