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December 27, 2016

Pennsylvania's gas prices expected to rise in new year

Gas might get a little pricier for Pennsylvanians.

The cost for a gallon of gas will rise about 8 cents across the state on the first day of the new year, The Scranton Times-Tribune reported Sunday

A Pennsylvania Department of Transportation spokesperson told the newspaper that they're not sure how much of that wholesale tax will be "passed along, if at all" to consumers, while Patrick DeHaan, a petroleum analyst with, said it's very likely.

“I’ve yet to find a for-profit business that’s so benevolent,” he told the paper. “Gasoline’s margin is pennies per gallon, and if you use a credit card ... that’s another thing that eats up margins that gas stations have available.”

The increase will be the state's last tax increase that was part of Act 89, Pennsylvania's "most comprehensive piece of state transportation legislation in decades," according to PennDOT.

The hike will go toward road construction and maintenance, according to The Times-Tribune.

Pennsylvania currently has the nation's highest gas tax, The Associated Press reported.