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March 12, 2019

Sixers' Joel Embiid names puppy after former GM Sam Hinkie

Sixers big man Joel Embiid is back in the lineup after missing some time with a sore knee. It looks like part of his rehabilitation involved purchasing a luxury car for his puppy, who happens to have a compound name that's an homage to former GM Sam Hinkie.

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Embiid posted a picture of the little goldendoodle on Instagram on Monday night. The pup was seated in a cushioned "Furrari," which we hope has not been urinated upon.

The dog's name, Klaus Hinkie De Paula Embiid, contains references to Embiid's parents' favorite character in "The Vampire Diaries," his girlfriend Anna de Paula and Hinkie, the architect of The Process.

Young Klaus is going to live a very blessed life. The true test of the Hinkie gene will be whether he starts stowing away treats in his Furrari glove compartment and stockpiling protected sticks.