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May 25, 2018

Apparent shrimp thief on the loose in Philly

Reports of the alleged crustacean caper spawned laughs on Twitter

Attention, Philadelphians: There's a thief on the loose with a big ol' bag of shrimp.

FOX29 overheard the news on police radio late Friday morning. Apparently, there was a search for a man with a "duffel bag full of shrimp."

I told Philadelphia police I had a "fishy request" and wanted more information on the at-large shrimp thief.

"We have no information on this incident," a police spokesperson said Friday afternoon, unnecessarily adding, "I'm not going to sugarcoat this .... your joke floundered."

Dang. I guess I'll sea myself out.

Anyway, over on the Twittersphere, many had funnier jokes than I, including the official Philly Police account. Enjoy, happy Memorial Day weekend, and keep your eyes peeled for the shrimp thief: