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August 09, 2016

Philly bagel shop scores 'Best New Sandwich in America' honors

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The Classic Lox Sandwich – cream cheese, cured salmon, cucumber, tomato and red onion – from Philly Style Bagels in Fishtown. You can have one delivered at

A bagel shop in Fishtown has the best new sandwich in the country, according to Bon Appetit’s “The 5 Best New Sandwiches in America” list.

Philly Style Bagels’ Classic Lox Sandwich captured the No. 1 spot from editors Andrew Knowlton and Julia Kramer, beating out sandwiches from New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Dallas. (Though to be fair, it should be noted that making their list was a cheesesteak – from Chicago.)

The factor that put the lox sandwich over the top?

The bagels.

From their list:

“The truth is, any combination of ingredients you put between these crazily flavorful bagels — be it hummus, tuna or bacon-lettuce-and-tomato — will be life-changing. At the risk of starting an inter-city rivalry with New York, we think [founders] Collin Shapiro and Jonathon Zilber are making some of the best bagels in the country. What makes them that great? They’re fermented in small batches, hand-rolled, boiled in local Yards beer (that’s what makes them Philly-style) and baked on wood planks. The result is a smallish, pleasantly dense and chewy bagel with a superior crust. They say a sandwich is only as good as the bread you use. We couldn’t agree more.”

Philly Style Bagels opened up in January after Shapiro and Jonathan Zilber successfully funded the shop on IndieGoGo.

Now they can spread some braggadocio on those bagels.