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December 21, 2016

6ABC meteorologist responds to meme, explains she's not on house arrest

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Cecily Tynan Cecily Tynan/Facebook

Cecily Tynan.

Dear internet: Cecily Tynan is not on house arrest.

The 6ABC meteorologist took to Facebook Monday to respond to a meme that had apparently been "making the social media rounds again."

The meme shows a close-up of a box attached to Tynan's ankle with the caption, "I wonder if the crime she committed was on the news."

In her post, Tynan explained that the thing attached to her leg is actually an audio box with a connected earpiece that allows her with communicate with her producers, not an ankle monitor.

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She wrote on Facebook: "So, no, I'm not on house arrest (even though it may feel that way during long winter storms!)"

This isn't the first time Tynan and other television news reporters/anchors have been falsely accused of being on house arrest because of the little box, according to a brief overview of social media:

Again, it's not a house arrest bracelet, people. The more you know.