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March 11, 2016

PhillyVoice's 'Quotes of the Week' quiz

How much do you remember from the week that just was?

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Quotes Quiz March 11 Photoshop by Brian Hickey/PhillyVoice

Several answers to this week's PhillyVoice quotes quiz are included in this photoshopped image.

Welcome to PhillyVoice’s weekly quiz about quotes that appeared in our stories during the past week.

The following quotes come from a wide array of topics, so if you’re looking to get a leg up on the competition (in a contest for which the prize is personal pride), keep reading stories from the worlds of news, entertainment and sports.

The answers are tucked at the bottom of each post (with the context available via hyperlink). We will know – and tell everybody – if you scrolled down and illicitly claimed you went 20 for 20. Real talk. 

Your possible answers are:

Regina Austin, professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School; Ada Brooks, pit bull owner; Robin Brownfield, Collingswood Facebook group; Mike Chitwood, Upper Darby Police superintendent; Hillary Clinton, presidential candidate; Edith Creamer, daughter of reputed gambler with mob ties; Shaun Cunningham, viral photo star, baseball fan; Ed Forchion, NJ Weedman; Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend, president and CEO of the Philadelphia Youth Network; Jack McCloskey, University of Pennsylvania men's basketball coach (1965-66); Nick Moran, Vietnam Veterans Memorial custodian; Monna Morton, art teacher in West Philly; Matt Mullin, PhillyVoice staff; DeMarco Murray, former Philadelphia Eagles running back; Thomas J. Nestel III, chief, SEPTA Police; Avik Roy, Forbes opinion editor; Bernie Sanders, presidential candidate; Beanie Sigel, rapper; Bob Stocklas, $7 Powerball winner; Travis Valdez, Salon Thalia senior stylist.

Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

Meter murals by Amy Scheidegger, left, and Isa Richardson, right.


1. “It’s like Rubio standing next to Trump.”

2. "I grew up in the Baptist church and have been to plenty of midnight services and midnight revivals. I should have the same rights as the Shiloh Baptist Church."

3. “My 35th birthday party was at the Plaza and Donald was there. After the party, we went on his boat, his big yacht. I like Trump, but it pisses me off that he denies knowing my father. That hurts me.”

4. "I'm sorry that they're intimidated. I really am sorry about that. I would love for my neighbors and I to be speaking again."

5. "It's two snakes fighting, so I'm not really interested in getting in the middle of that.”

6. “Nutcases take over a group and destroy it. They take over and dominate it.”

7. "He could have kept on going and no one would have known the difference. He said he would do it again if he found it again."

8. "Every year we start with zero opportunities. I'm standing here asking you all to partner with me." 

9. “It has the look and feel of something that a 22-year-old congressional staffer would write for a backbencher based on a cursory review of Wikipedia.”

10. “It’s like somebody sticking a knife in me.”

11. “If you’re taking care of yourself, your hair is going to reflect that, just like your skin would.”

12. "I was just protecting my son.”

13. "No, I do not support vigilantes and that is a horrific statement and an unfair statement to make."

14. "Oh for goodness, that is not going to happen. I'm not even answering that question."

15. “A good friend of mine once told me 'a wise man don’t learn from his own mistakes[. H]e learns from the mistakes of others.'"

16. "They look like little statues along the corridor.”

17. "My career was very good, but it never surpassed the depth of what happened."

18. "The youth of our city are off the hook in Center City."

19. "I feel like I took a year off last year."

20. "What if Sam Bradford isn't part of the plan at all?"


1. Stocklas

2. Forchion

3. Creamer

4. Brooks

5. Austin

6. Brownfield

7. Chitwood

8. Fulmore-Townsend

9. Roy

10. Moran

11. Valdez

12. Cunningham

13. Sanders

14. Clinton

15. Sigel

16. Morton

17. McCloskey

18. Nestel

19. Murray

20. Mullin