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April 13, 2016

PhillyVoice's 'This Week in Philly' Quizzo round (April 9-15)

Trivia questions about the week that just was in the city, region and country

Welcome to the second installment of PhillyVoice’s “This Week in Philly” Quizzo round feature.

Each Friday, we’ll offer trivia questions from stories we’ve covered over the course of the past week. Sure, the only prize is the personal pride of not scrolling down to the bottom of the story to see the answers before thinking of them yourselves. But that counts for something, doesn’t it?

So with no further ado, here are 10 questions about the people, places, events and more that made the second week of April 2016 special.


1. What drug did Sister Kimberly Miller, a Philadelphia nun, blame for contributing to her crashing a vehicle into a business in Washington Township, New Jersey?

2. University of Pennsylvania researchers estimated that state laws requiring DUI offenders to install mandatory ignition breathalyzers would reduce drunk-driving deaths by how many percentage points?

a) 0 

b) 15

c) 33

d) 75

3. In which Philadelphia neighborhood did a mother receive a nasty letter about her 3-year-old autistic son from her neighbor?

4. What Sixers player was charged a cover at Xfinity Live after a game for which people with a ticket stub were admitted for free?

5. NBA great Kobe Bryant played his last professional game on Wednesday night. What number did he wear when he played at Lower Merion High, as seen in an Apple commercial with Michael B. Jordan?

6. Name the YouTube prankster from Northeast Philadelphia whose TV show debuted on the CMT network Thursday night.

7. What state representative from Northeast Philadelphia was caught on tape screaming at immigration-group activists who confronted her in her Harrisburg office earlier this week?

8. Born in Reading, Pennsylvania, and raised in Blackwood, New Jersey, Ryan Buchter is a lifelong Phillies fan. This week, he returned to the area to face the Phils as a bullpen pitcher for what team?

9. On Wednesday, the Phillies announced a major concert would be coming to Citizens Bank Park on July 12. Who will be performing, and what’s the occasion?

10. Philadelphia police this week released a video of thieves busting into an East Hunting Park Avenue business and stealing 24 cases of cigarettes. What was the value (in dollars) of the stolen products?

Bonus Question (Who said this “Quote of the Week”?): “I remember going to get an extra piece of candy and my mother and sister singing this song that went ‘Fat fat the water rat!’ I remember being surprised on several levels. I didn’t realize that what I was doing was unacceptable to anyone in any way. I thought the song was stupid. And I was shocked that they could be so mean – that they would sing a taunting song about my body, all because I wanted another piece of candy.”


1. Ambien

2. 15 percent

3. Mayfair

4. T.J. McConnell

5. 33

6. Ed Bassmaster

7. Martina White

8. San Diego Padres

9. Paul McCartney; 50th anniversary of The Beatles USA Stadium Tour

10. $64,000

Bonus: Lillian Bustle, burlesque dancer