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March 09, 2015

Photo of N.J. reporter serves as inspiration for band

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03092015_RecordReporter The Lumineers/Facebook

This photo of The Record reporter Herb Jackson has been taped to a member of The Lumineers' keyboard for 10 years.

Herb Jackson, a Washington correspondent for The Record, discovered through a post on Facebook that an old photo of him has served as inspiration for a popular band for the past 10 years.

A photo of a newspaper cutout of Jackson was posted to social media on March 5 by Jeremiah Fraites of The Lumineers with the following message:

"Not sure who this man is, but I taped it to my keyboard 10 years ago, and he has never left my side. In the studio today and looking at him assures me creativity will flow. He's the real secret to our success - jeremiah #herbjackson"

The photo was posted to Instagram and Twitter, too and as of March 6 had just short of 2.2 million likesJackson reports

Several people suggested I am due royalties. Matt Friedman of The Star-Ledger suggested I begin every question to a politician hence forth with the phrase, “Ho, Hey.” Chris Christie’s campaign adviser, Mike Duhaime, said he has the picture in poster size in his office. I’m thinking of offering to autograph it for him in exchange for a few exclusives this year.

The reporter responded to the Facebook post, writing:

"Glad to be of service. Now I could use some inspiration for the column I have to file this morning. Maybe I should put on some of your music?"

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