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January 09, 2015

Phylicia Rashad to star in new 'Rocky'

Phylicia Rashad's having a heckuva week: First, her apparent "forget these women" comments went viral in the Cosby-crazed blogosphere, and now, word has it from Showbiz 411 (the same site that she claims misquoted her) that she's landed a role in the new "Rocky" film.

In a brief post following Rashad's claim that she was misquoted, Roger Friedman sneaks in the detail that Rashad confirmed to him her role as Michael B. Jordan's grandmother in "Creed" -- the "Rocky" sequel reported yesterday will be filming in Philly. 

And, as if one classic film revival wasn't enough, Sylvester Stallone -- who's likely in Philly by now -- announced that a new "Rambo" is also in the works this year. According to TIME, it will be the last.

But for now, keep your eyes open, Philadelphia: The next person you see climbing those tourist-trap Art Museum steps might actually be Rocky. (And you might just catch Rashad lingering on the sidelines.)