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July 18, 2017

PV to 311: about that bar fight with Scott Stapp...?

'Sometimes, your ego gets the best of you'

We couldn’t resist asking S.A. Martinez from 311 about a story he’d probably been long trying to forget from 2005 involving a certain clash between his band and Creed former frontman Scott Stapp. 

“It was something that kind of snowballed and [is] really sort of sad how it escalated and – you know – I ended up feeling bad for him at the end of the night,” said Martinez.

“It was just a total sh*t show.”

On Thanksgiving night 2005, Rolling Stone reported that members of 311 were hanging out at the Harbor Court Hotel in Baltimore, Md., when in walked a drunken Stapp looking for a fight.

He reportedly paraded over to 311’s table, hit on Martinez’s wife, and the situation spiked so fast shot glasses were hurled across the bar, fists were thrown, stitches were ripped out of pre-existing wounds and even Mrs. Martinez was accidentally grazed with a punch.

These days, Martinez seems to feel like a lot of what happened that night is water under the bridge.

“I never want to talk badly about anybody,” he said.

“People are people, and sometimes, your ego gets the best of you, and that’s kind of really all I can say about that situation. I’m sure [Stapp’s] reached out to us, trying to make amends. Things happen to people in life, and that’s that.”

Inquiries placed to Stapp’s publicist for this story were returned with “no comment.”