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July 31, 2015

Rare 'blue moon' to occur Friday

By definition, a blue moon is any second full moon in a calendar month

Look upward after sunset on Friday to experience a rare phenomenon - a blue moon - illuminating the night sky. 

Despite what many may assume, the term "blue moon" doesn't have to do with color. Sadly, the moon won't be blue. But it's still pretty special and worth a peek. 

According to NASA, a "blue moon" is defined by a second full moon occurring within a calendar month, and that doesn't happen very often. Hence the phrase "once in a blue moon."

Based on the lunar cycle of around 29 and a half days, the first full moon this month appeared on July 2. The last time us Earth inhabitants were graced with a blue moon was way back in August 2012, and the next time won't be until January 2018.

Read more at NASA.