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August 15, 2017

Reports: Atlantic City police find alligator in motel pool

Police found an unwelcome swimmer in an Atlantic City motel pool during a raid there Tuesday morning.

Police and animal control were on-scene around 9:45 a.m. to pull the three-foot-long alligator out of the water at the Bayview Inn & Suites, the Press of Atlantic City reported. Law enforcement officials found the alligator after they raided the motel, reportedly kicking in every door, including the front office, and shattering windows, according to the Press.

The Associated Press reported Tuesday afternoon that police did not know where the alligator came from, how it got into the pool or how long it had been there.

Animal control workers safely took the alligator from the pool and took it to an undisclosed site, according to AP.

Authorities on the scene reportedly declined to comment on why they raided the motel, but animal control had been there three times early Tuesday morning to pick up multiple dogs, according to the Press of Atlantic City.