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October 16, 2017

Reports: Comedian Artie Lange hospitalized in New Jersey

Comedian Artie Lange is recovering after being hospitalized in his home state of New Jersey, according to multiple reports.

TMZ reports that Lange was scheduled to perform a show in Akron, Ohio, on Saturday but wasn't feeling well because of high blood sugar, a symptom of his diabetes.

Instead of taking a private jet from his home in Hoboken to the show, Lange decided not to go, according to Radar Online

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sign posted outside the venue reportedly said Lange couldn't perform because of a medical emergency and gave instructions to fans on how to get their tickets refunded.

Lange, who recently turned 50, had a bad reaction the last time he flew with high blood sugar, so instead of going, he checked himself into a local emergency room but is feeling better now, TMZ reports.

This isn't the first time Lange has been hospitalized because of his diabetes. He reportedly suffered diabetic shock while in Michigan in 2014.