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February 10, 2016

Senate vote to remove Pennsylvania Attorney General Kane fails

Vote falls mostly down party lines

A resolution to remove embattled Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane from office failed to pass the Senate on Wednesday.

The resolution needed 33 supporting votes to pass the 49-member Senate, but only received 29. Nineteen senators, mostly Democrats, voted against it.

Every Republican senator voted to remove Kane, a Democrat, except Stewart Greenleaf, of Montgomery County, according to AP reporter Marc Levy. Every Democrat voted against the resolution except Rob Teplitz, of Perry County.

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Kane released a statement applauding the result.

"Today is a good day for all those who share my desire to restore confidence in our judges and prosecutors and integrity to our system of justice," Kane said. "Special Prosecutor Gansler will press on, leaving no hate-filled email unread and no ex parte communication uncovered, in our effort to deliver to all Pennsylvanians, the system of justice we deserve rather than the one we now have. I am happy to continue this effort, finish the mission I pledged to carry out and the job for which I was elected to serve."

Kane will go on criminal trial later this year on a felony perjury charge and seven misdemeanor charges, including conspiracy, obstruction, official oppression and false swearing.

Kane, elected in 2012, is accused of attempting to embarrass former state prosecutor Frank Fina by leaking information to a newspaper – and then lying about it to a grand jury.