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December 03, 2016

Shia LaBeouf thinks Philly is pretty cool

Actor was in town to promote new film 'American Honey'

Shia LaBeouf is pretty cool. He was in "Even Stevens," which was very cool. Then he was in "Disturbia," which was also very cool and deserves a better Rotten Tomatoes score. Then he tried scaring us all into being motivated, which wasn't necessarily cool but made you want to go for a jog or something.

So what does Mr. LaBeouf, who was recently in town to promote his new film "Man Down," think of Philly?

He thinks we're pretty cool. Per Entertainment Tonight:

In fact, LaBeouf even celebrated his 30th birthday in June while promoting the film in Philadelphia, which he admitted was a town he didn't expect to have a great time in, but ended up loving.

To commemorate the occasion, LaBeouf went out for a traditional Philly cheesesteak.

"It was quite cool. And I remember, this is quite Philly, I went there and they gave me a free sandwich and I was like, 'Cool can I get some fries?' and they were like, 'Hell no man, you have to pay for them fries,'" LaBeouf recounted. "That's very Philly."

LaBeouf said he went to both Pat's and Geno's. To both of those establishments: You couldn't give him the fries for free? Seriously?

(h/t Philly ChitChat)