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February 08, 2024

Sixers future draft picks

A look at the Sixers' future draft picks in the 2024 NBA Draft and beyond.

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2021-NBA-Draft-Stage.jpg Brad Penner/USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft stage in Brooklyn back on July 29, 2021.

The Sixers fell into uncertain waters with Joel Embiid undergoing surgery to address a meniscus injury right before the February 8 trade deadline. 

A cloudy outlook for the rest of the season, however, didn't prevent team president Daryl Morey from keeping busy, making several trades on Thursday that shipped out and brought back some draft capital in the process. 

Here's a look at the Sixers' entire draft setup through 2030:


• First: Own

• Second: Forfeited (tampering); Knicks' pick; Clippers' pick; Celtics' pick (most favorable between Bulls or Pelicans).


• First: Own if 1-6 (protected), sent to Thunder if 7-30.

• Second: Belongs to Thunder.


• First: Own if 1-4 (protection relay), sent to Thunder if 5-30 and not settled from 2025; least favorable of Thunder's owned picks.

• Second: Belongs to Thunder.


• First: Own if 1-8 (protected), sent to Nets if 9-30.

Second: Bucks' pick; None or sent to Thunder if first-round protection from 2025, 2026, or 2027 still isn't settled.


• First: 1-8 own (protection relay), sent to Nets or Suns if 9-30 and and not settled from 2027; Clippers' pick (unprotected)

• Second: Own or sent to Nets if first-round protection from 2027 or 2028 isn't settled. 


• First: Own (pick swap with Clippers).

• Second: Blazers' pick. 


• First: Own

• Second: Own

*Sources for future pick projections and protection conditions: RealGM, The Daily Six.

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