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March 28, 2017

Sixers staffer gets Ben Simmons' face shaved into the back of his head

Ben Simmons was in the news this weekend for looking pretty healthy while throwing down a dunk off the backboard during warmups in Indiana. And although the 20-year-old forward won't play a game in his first NBA season, not everything was a waste; after all, he did inspire the #RaiseTheCat movement. What other rookies can say that?

And via his Instagram page, we learned that a fan decided to get Simmons' face shaved into the back of his head:

As it turns out, that fan is Jake Reynolds, who is the senior vice president of ticket sales and service for the Sixers. That is some serious dedication:

The real star of the show here is Kenny Duncan, the barber/artist who was able to make all of this happen. Judging from his Instagram page, he seems to be pretty good at this sort of thing.

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