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May 17, 2016

Indie-pop band The Snow Fairies reunites this weekend

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The Snow Fairies The Snow Fairies/for PhillyVoice

The Snow Fairies

Sweet as carrot cake, The Snow Fairies are playing a reunion show at Space 1026 on Friday. In case you missed them during their late-’90s heyday, these kids were all about playing blissful, surprisingly danceable indie pop propelled by catchy melodies and Rose Bochansky’s soft, soothing voice. “Feel You Up,” released in 2003, was their triumph, an album as pretty and organic as a backyard full of fireflies.

Right now I am floored by how little Snow Fairies music I’m finding online. There’s only one song on YouTube (I think — it’s hard to wade through all the "Nutcracker" crapola) and nothing on Bandcamp. I didn’t check Tidal. These Snow Fairies reunions (there’s another show at NYC Popfest) will likely be limited-time offers, as the band members have dispersed — I know bassist/guitarist Neal Ramirez, who worked with me at City Paper after the band broke up, lives in California these days — and who knows when/if they’ll get together again.

The Snow Fairies

With My Favorite, Mercury Girls
Friday, May 20
7 p.m. | $10
Space 1026
1026 Arch St.