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January 22, 2016

Snowed out! Here are seven places to sled in Philadelphia

Seven great hills spread throughout the city

Think imitating Rocky by running up the Art Museum steps is thrilling? Try sledding down them. It's way more fun and far less touristy.

By the time Philadelphia wakes up Saturday morning, there should be at least a foot of snow gathered outside your door, if the forecaster's predictions indeed come true. But even if Winter Storm Jonas fails to live up to its hype and only drops six inches, that's plenty of snow for some sledding.

So, dig out that Flexible Flyer from the basement or craft together a makeshift sled and find the nearest hill.

Here are seven Philadelphia favorites:

Philadelphia Museum of Art

This is urban sledding at its finest. No, it's not a natural hill and the ride down can be a bit bumpy, but that's all part of the allure of sledding down one of Philly's landmarks.

Walnut Lane Golf Course, Roxborough

Like many golf courses, these links contain numerous opportunities for sledding. Unlike many golf courses, sledders are welcome. Try some sledding at the 15th hole. 

Belmont Plateau, Fairmount Park

Head out to one of Philly's classic summer hotspots for some wintertime fun. Catch a ride down the lengthy slopes, but remember they require a long trek back up.

Lemon Hill Park, East Fairmount Park

If the Art Museum is crowded – it likely will be – take a short walk to nearby Lemon Hill, which offers arching hills with plenty of space.

Clark Park, West Philadelphia

Families looking for gradual, safe slopes for their children should check out this West Philly hotspot. It's also got plenty of space to accommodate sizeable crowds.

Burholme Park, Northeast Philadelphia

This place is the favorite sledding place of many Northeast Philadelphians who flock to the park for its large hill. But it offers smaller hills too.

Water Tower in Chestnut Hill, Chestnut Hill

This park offers a variety of hills, enabling sledders of various ages to enjoy themselves.

Have another favorite sledding spot? Let us – and others – know in the comments.