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August 14, 2015

Spill your guts to strangers at StorySLAM

Can you tell your tale in five minutes?

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World cafe Live G. Miller/Visit Philadelphia™

World Cafe Live in University City.

The Moth, the nonprofit organization which champions storytelling, hosts regular events in cities all over the country. Their next Philly event is a StorySLAM, an open-mic storytelling competition heading to World Cafe Live on Monday, August 17.

During StorySLAM, seasoned storytellers and nervous newbies take the stage to tell their own five-minute story. Those who want to speak put their name in a hat when the doors open and 10 speakers are selected to share. When they're done, judges pulled from the audience score each one and a winner rises to the top. At the end of 10 StorySLAMs, the winners face off in the GrandSLAM Championship. 

Each event has a theme as well. This time the theme is "The Fast Lane." Speakers must follow the prompt below:

"Prepare a five-minute story about quick maneuvers toward success (or inadvertent failure. Short cuts, paths of least resistance, performance enhancers and amped-up competition. Tell us about a time that your personal velocity was at its peak (or careening into oncoming traffic.)."

Think you've got what it takes? Take a chance and throw your name in the hat. 

The Moth StorySLAM

Monday, August 17
7:30 p.m. | $8-16
World Cafe Live
3025 Walnut St.
(215) 222-1400