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June 01, 2016

Steak 'Em Up's bizarre new nightmare commercial stars Philly Jesus

Because of course it does

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Steak Em' Up commercial AardvarkTV/YouTube

Steak 'Em Up's new commercial is interesting, to say the least.

I've never actually had food from Steak 'Em Up, located at 2600 S. 11th St., but I feel like I know their name better than any pizza/cheesesteak joint in Philly thanks to their shamelessly corny commercials.

You're all presumably familiar with their spoof of Budweiser's iconic popular "Wazzup" ad, as well as their South Philly mobster-looking mascot and that stuck-in-your-head theme song.

Well, whoever runs Steak 'Em Up's marketing may have locked themselves in a dark room watching Stephen King adaptations for a few too many nights. The eatery's newest ad is...actually pretty frightening? Oh, and naturally, there's a cameo from Michael Grant, aka Philly Jesus. You can watch it below: