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March 18, 2015

Students, staff at Paulsboro HS fall ill from strong odor

Illnesses High Schools
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Eleven students and an undisclosed number of Paulsboro High School faculty members were taken to Inspira Woodbury Hospital after complaining of headaches from a strong odor.

Some Paulsboro High School students and faculty members were transported to a South Jersey hospital Wednesday morning after complaining of headaches from a strong odor, NBC10 reports.

Officials said 11 students and an undisclosed number of faculty members were taken by bus to Inspira Woodbury Hospital.

The high school is next to PBF Energy, the Paulsboro Refinery, which processes a variety of medium to heavy sour crude oils and produces gasoline, heating oil and aviation jet fuel, according to the company's website

Crude oil contains a series of chemicals including Benzene and Hydrogen sulfide, which if inhaled, even at low levels, can cause irritation to ears, nose and throat. Long-term exposure can cause anemia, impaired attention span or even death, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

NBC10 reports that locals, especially those close to the refinery on Billingsport Rd., have also noticed a smell.

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