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October 29, 2016

Survey shows Pennsylvania's most popular Halloween candy

One survey has revealed every state's favorite Halloween candy and it shows that Pennsylvanians apparently share the same taste as those living in Louisiana. 

Influenster, a product review website, asked 40,000 users across the country their most desired treat for the upcoming holiday. The Keystone State's favorite?

Swedish Fish.

The end result may be a bit surprising. After all, The Hershey Company, the largest chocolate manufacturer in the nation, got its start in Pennsylvania.

Wilbur Chocolate Company also hails from the state as well as Peeps and Mike and Ikes, manufactured by Just Born.

Goldenberg's Peanut Chews, also manufactured by Just Born and produced in Philadelphia, didn't make any state's favorite.

Louisiana was the only other state where Swedish Fish was ranked at the top spot.

The results, published by the website back in September, showed that Reese's Peanut Butter Cups got the highest total number of votes while candy corn was the No. 1 candy in the most number of states.

Sour Patch Kids earned top honor in New Jersey, while 3 Musketeers were Delaware's favorite.

Swedish Fish ranking as Pennsylvania's favorite Halloween candy isn't the only puzzling Halloween news to come out as of late.

Earlier in October, Zillow, a real estate company, ranked Philadelphia as the No. 1 city in the entire country to trick-or-treat.

The company's algorithm took a look at proximity of houses to each other, crime rate, and how many children make up the city's population to find where kids can be the safest but also get the most amount of candy in the least amount of time.