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Hearing Loss


Playing video games regularly can lead to hearing loss and tinnitus, study finds

Video games headphones hearing health


Hearing aids may help people live longer, but many who need them don't get treated

Hearing Aid Study

Adult Health

Loud sounds at movies and concerts can cause hearing loss, but there are ways to protect your ears

Concerts Hearing Loss

Mental Health

988 suicide hotline now allows callers to use American Sign Language

Suicide Lifeline Deaf


Nearly half of young people listen to music too loudly; here's how to safely use headphones

Safe headphone volume

Adult Health

Say what? Hearing aids available over-the-counter for as low as $199

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Early hearing loss often caused by noisy environments, audiologists say

Noice-induced hearing loss


Opioid use, especially in large doses, can cause deafness, Rutgers study finds

Opioid use deafness


Five things that can cause hearing loss

Man listens attentively with palm to ear


Apple will soon tell you to turn the music down

apple volume monitoring


Reminder to protect your hearing: Yes, you should be wearing earplugs at concerts

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Retired Marine, 35, from Philly sues, claiming defective earplugs caused permanent hearing loss

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Infant heart surgery patients often experience hearing loss, CHOP researchers find



Cheaper over-the-counter hearing aids could be on the way

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