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December 13, 2017

Tall people can get business cards to avoid annoying conversations

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Tall People Business Cards ALittlePaperandInk/Zazzle

You can buy these 'Yes, I am tall' business cards from Zazzle user ALittlePaperandInk.

If you checked Twitter this morning, you may have noticed a viral tweet from a user who ran into a Philadelphia Eagles fan who is very, very tall.

Apparently, when the user pointed this out, the guy handed him a business card that helps people like him avoid the tired, routine conversation regarding his height that he likely has on a regular basis.

It reads:

Yes I am tall
I am 6'10"
(No, I'm not kidding. Yes, that is tall)
No, I do not play basketball
I play volleyball
Yes, seeing the tops of everyones (sic) head is weird
Yes, the weather is nice up here
This has been a great conversation

Pretty clever, no? Apparently, this Birds fan isn't the only person with those cards.

The template for these business cards appears to come from an Arizona-based designer named Brooke. You can order 100 of her "Yes, I am tall" cards for $29.05. The cards are completely customizable, but she has some of the basics filled in already, such as the "I am tall" line, a space to put your height and "I'm so glad we had this conversation."

Seems like a decent Christmas gift for the towering loved one in your life. As someone with the same name as this guy, I can relate. For friends and family reading this, I'd love a stack of business cards that say something to the effect of: "Yes, I have the same name as the guy who plays James Bond. I loved 'Casino Royale,' as well. Yes, I get this all the time. Of course, I've ordered a martini shaken, not stirred."

As for the aforementioned Eagles fan, he might need a new pack of cards that essentially say: "Yes, I am bummed about Carson Wentz tearing his ACL. Absolutely, I believe in Nick Foles."