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January 14, 2015

Taylor Swift gifts $1,989 to Berks County woman

Get it? '$1,989'?

Taylor Swift's really reinforcing that good-gal image today.

A seven-minute video posted on YouTube by Berks County's Rebekah Bortniker shows her unwrapping a FedEx package shipped from T-Swift herself. Bortniker reads through a letter the pop star wrote her detailing a painting Swift made before getting to the check and breaking into a full-on cry. 

Bortniker had previously posted on Tumblr about her struggle to repay student loans.

"Rebekah, now you're $1,989 closer to paying those student loans," read the envelope's tag.

See the scene unfold for yourself: 

This isn't the first time Swift has done something like this. Swift started a "Swiftmas" campaign last fall and ever since has been "Taylurking" (her word, not ours) on fans through Twitter and other social media accounts, gifting them presents based on personal posts.

So, yes. There's your dose of feel-good for the day.