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March 23, 2015

New York teachers deliver 1,000 apples to Gov. Cuomo

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Teachers from the Finger Lakes region dropped 1,000 apples off at the office of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on March 20, 2015.

Pennsylvania is not alone in its woes over education funding. 

A group of teachers from an apple-growing region in New York delivered 1,000 apples to Gov. Andrew Cuomo last Friday, March 20, to protest the state's level of education funding, reports.

According to the teachers, each of the apples brought to the governor from the Finger Lakes region represented an unfilled teaching position in the state. 

A letter from Cuomo's office said that the governor could not accept the apples due to restrictions on officials accepting gifts, so the teachers responded with a plan to donate them to a food bank. 

New York's education funding is currently at $22 billion, but Cuomo hopes to increase it by $1.1 billion this year. The teachers unions argue that the increase is insufficient and also take issue with Cuomo's proposed changes in teacher evaluations and tenure. 

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