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May 01, 2018

Two Eagles stars (laughably) land on back end of 'NFL Top 100' list

That yearly 'NFL Top 100' series began this week on NFL Network, and right off the bat, two Philadelphia Eagles players landed on the list, though they were placed comically low.

Malcolm Jenkins actually finished lower than he did a year ago at No. 96, while Lane Johnson, who was the best offensive tackle in the NFL last season, laughably came in at No. 95.

Malcolm Jenkins - 96

(You may have to click the video twice, as the NFL forces you to watch it on YouTube for some dumb reason)

“He’s so instrumental for our defense. He is the vocal leader, and not only does he talk about it, he’s about it, delivering big hits. He’s going to get his message across and everybody understands what he’s about.”

- Lane Johnson

“He’s one of those rare DBs that you can basically plug in anywhere. He can cover running backs out of the backfield, he can line up over slot. When you have a player like that you can move him around and it creates advantages for the rest of your players.”

- Tyrann Mathieu

"When Carson went down, obviously that’s a huge loss. Everybody was saying what happened with the Packers is going to happen with the Eagles, and hey, Malcolm (said), ‘Not so fast.’ I don’t think we’d have a Super Bowl without him.”

- Lane Johnson

Jenkins is one of the most underappreciated players in the NFL, and the Eagles' defense would not be the same without him. Jenkins seemed to think he should be higher: 

I agree with that emoji. And this too:

How he finished at No. 96 is beyond me. Maybe Brandin Cooks just has a lot of friends? 

Lane Johnson - 95

“I was looking forward to playing him, but that’s going to bring a bitter place in my heart because we lost to the Vikings. And we were supposed to go on to play the Eagles. Yeah, but I heard Lane Johnson is pretty good!”

- Cameron Jordan

"That position overall is becoming a bigger value because you’re seeing so many pass rushers now on the left side of the defense. The right tackle has to be just as good as the left tackle."

- Eric Winston

"Going against him this year, he did a wonderful job protecting his quarterback. Hat’s off to Lane. I’m not an Eagles fan, so I don’t want to talk about that too much."

- Demarcus Lawrence

"He’s one of those players who likes to finish you. Don’t come around and slip, because he will finish you. You need linemen like that to set the tone for you. I just love the way he plays. He’s the type of guy I’d want on my team."

- De’Vondre Campbell

96?!? GTFOH. I've said this repeatedly, but Lane Johnson was the best offensive tackle in the NFL last season. Not "right tackle," to be clear. Just the best tackle, period. He was better than Tyron Smith, Trent Williams, or any other name you might throw out.

Chris Long agrees.

There will surely be a bunch of offensive tackles who make this list who are rated higher than Johnson, all of whom will be completely undeserving. So far, the Packers' David Bakhtiari landed at 91, and Andrew Whitworth came in at 87.

Kirk Cousins landed at 94 on the list, by the way. Kirk Cousins.

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