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May 05, 2018

Upper Darby volunteers drink for police training

They call it a "wet lab" to train officers in spotting signs of intoxication

Police Training
Police lights arrests crime Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

Kristen Oswald, of Royersford, Montgomery County, died during an Ironman triathlon in Ohio on Sunday after being struck by a commercial truck struck while she was cycling on the course. 

Volunteers in Upper Darby spent an afternoon drinking for the cops this week.

To clarify: A dozen volunteers monitored by the Upper Darby police spent the afternoon this past Wednesday drinking in a Drexel Hill fire house to help train police officers in dealing with drunk people and spotting drunk drivers.

About 30 officers participated in what they call a "wet lab," Fox29 reported.

Upper Darby Police Captain Tom Johnson told FOX29 officers need to understand the “science” behind intoxicated people they may encounter while on the job.

“They need to understand the physical manifestations of someone who is intoxicated versus someone is sober,” he said.

The volunteers took sobriety tests to show officers what some obvious signs look like — like jumping eyes and poor balance — before they are out in the field and have to identify intoxicated citizens in real time.

Officers used field sobriety tests that showed any changes in vision and hand-eye coordination. They also practiced using breathalyzers on the volunteers.