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April 03, 2015

Easter Recipe: Vibrant and flavorful pickled red beet eggs

The finished eggs are bursting with color and flavor

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Amish Pickled Red Beet Eggs HAPPIER THAN A PIG IN MUD/for PhillyVoice

Philly food blogger Lynn Plagman gives readers a blast from the past with these edible "Easter eggs."

If you think dyeing Easter eggs is just a fun activity for little ones, then you must meet Lynn Plagman,  a Philadelphia foodie and blogger at Happier Than A Pig In Mud, who proves adults big kids can 'paint their eggs and eat 'em, too.'

Amish Pickled Red Beet Eggs

On her blog, Plagman shares her recipe for Amish Pickled Red Beet Eggs (pictured above), a dazzling and delicious dish that will look beautiful on your Easter table and taste good, too.

"The color is beautiful, the flavor pronounced and they can be enjoyed as is, diced in potato salad, they're pretty as deviled eggs and make a great egg salad sandwich," she writes.

Amish Pickled Red Beet Eggs

Fellow Philly food blogger Marisa McClellan, who blogs at Food In Jars and is a contributor for Serious Eats, also has a recipe for Pickled Red Beet Eggs, which, she adds, are a Pennsylvania Dutch delicacy.

Pickling firms the whites of the hard-boiled eggs and transforms them into something tangy and substantial, she says.  

McClellan also offers a few tips to help you get started and advice on storing the finished product, though she has yet to find a method for hiding them from a hungry husband.