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March 18, 2015

Video game teaches kids how to avoid debt

Digital personal finance lessons

Personal Finance Debt
03172015_FinanceGame Screenshot /YouTube

EverFi uses video-game-like software to teach students to make sound financial decisions.

Technology has made its way into schools in a number of ways, from SMART boards to iPads to Chromebooks and is proving to be a powerful tool for the future of classroom learning.

What started with games like Oregon Trail and Mavis Beacon has evolved into educational tools that are both academic and practical.

EverFi is appealing to digitally focused students through video-game-like software that focuses on important life lessons, such as personal finance.

Its learning platforms teach students to make sound financial decisions, by covering topics such as credit card bills, debt, saving and financing.

EverFi isn't just for kids, either. Eighty percent of adults say they could benefit from additional professional financial advice. It's never too late to take control of your finances, and EverFi@Work is a useful tool for adults to do exactly that.

Check out how the Urban Assembly School of Business For Young Women uses EverFi to educate and engage their students in the world of finance below.