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March 19, 2017

Video: Multiple combatants sought in hectic brawl at SEPTA station

Investigation Brawl
031917_BrawlRVSEPT Christie Ileto/Facebook

SEPTA police are seeking multiple participants in a brawl at the Broad Street Line's Race/Vine Station on Thursday, March 16, 2017.

Investigators with the SEPTA Transit Police Department are seeking multiple individuals who were filmed participating in a chaotic brawl Thursday afternoon at the Race/Vine Station along the Broad Street Line.

A new video of the altercation, released Sunday morning, shows a large group of people fighting on the subway platform, including some stomping on others while they remain on the ground.

A pair of tweets posted by SEPTA Media Relations provides photographs of several people who participated in the brawl. which took place around 3:42 p.m. and lasted for several minutes. (Note: The brawl occurred on Thursday, not Wednesday, as the tweet below indicates.)

SEPTA officials confirmed that at least three people were injured in the incident, including two who were hospitalized with minor injuries. Investigators said it appears to have stemmed from a snowball fight amongst teenagers outside the station, noting that Thursday's brawl follows a pattern of recent fights in Center City

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Contacted late Sunday afternoon, a SEPTA spokeswoman said no new information was available.

Earlier this month, several teenagers were taken into custody after a group of 50 juveniles caused disruption at SEPTA's Walnut-Locust Station and at the Chestnut Street branch of Wells Fargo Bank.

At this stage, the combatants in Thursday's video have not been described as suspects or persons of interest, pending a discussion to determine if charges are warranted. SEPTA is seeking information from the public in hopes of speaking to those involved. 

Anyone with information about Thursday's incident is asked to contact SEPTA Police at 215-580-8111.