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December 26, 2015

Redskins 38, Eagles 24: The 2015 Eagles season is officially over

In the end, it really did end on a fitting note:

The offensive line continued to struggle, and its linchpin for the last decade looks like a shell of the player he was just a couple of years ago. The receivers dropped an alarming amount of catchable passes (when they do get open). The quarterback, who will be the subject of many heated debates over the next few months, missed on a couple of crucial passes. DeMarco Murray. The entire defense continued to be plain ol’ bad.

Kirk Cousins and Washington came into the Linc, thoroughly outplayed the Eagles in a 38-24 win, and captured the NFC East title while improving their record to 8-7. What a time to be alive.

If there is one way I could sum up the 2015 Philadelphia Eagles season, it’s this: In the past 12 months, Chip Kelly made it really difficult on Chip Kelly fans.

And, Chip Kelly could end up making it difficult on himself, as Jimmy Kempski reported, the NFL can now force the Eagles to participate in HBO's Hard Knocks if Kelly remains head coach.

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