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September 05, 2016

WATCH: Citizens capture stray pig running wild in South Philly

Brigade streams dramatic chase finale live on Periscope

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090516_PigKensington Source/Colin Weir

Philadelphia resident Colin Weir and a team of animal control specialists nab stray pig in empty Kensington lot.

Here's something you don't see every day.

A group of concerned citizens, joined by local animal control team ACCT Philly, captured a stray pig running around the streets of South Philadelphia on Monday afternoon.

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Word of the pig's mysterious appearance first popped up on the Philadelphia subreddit earlier Monday, when local resident Colin Weir posted a photo and an ensuing chase was announced.

Several hours later, Weir streamed a live video of the heroic capture on Periscope, complete with what sound like squeals of despair.

We don't have any idea what joyful squeals are supposed to sound like, so this pig could have simply been startled and freaked out after a lengthy pursuit, but otherwise happy to be in good hands.

Upon further investigation, Weir determined that the pig had likely been camping out in an empty lot at 24th and Washington Avenue for quite some time.

That's all, folks.