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September 19, 2015

WATCH: Delco mom shames college son for not calling

Video goes viral for poking fun at forgetful freshman

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Delaware County Mom Ann Pinto McCarney/Facebook

This Delaware County mom went viral after posting a video reminding her son to call her after going away to college.

Hey college students, have you called your mother lately? If not, you might want to pick up the phone, because she may embarrass you on the internet if you don't. 

One Delaware County mother made that nightmare a reality for her son in a video posted to Facebook Wednesday. 

Ann Pinto McCarney, whose 18-year-old son Liam is a college freshman, apparently hadn't heard from her child since he left for school. 

So she recorded a video jokingly reminding her son how to use a phone and recounting embarrassing memories from his youth, all the while making sure he remembers that it his her and his father who is paying for everything. 

Watch the video here:

McCarney, a 46-year-old theater teacher, told NBC Philadelphia that Liam did eventually call, and that the video was all in good fun. However, she noted it was tough to send her son off to school:

"Sending your child off to college is so bittersweet to begin with. There's a combination of your heart is soaring and swelling with pride and yet it's breaking at the same time. So when you let them go like that, you don't want to feel like you've been completely erased from their life. I think it struck a chord."

The original video on Facebook now has nearly 100,000 views, and will likely spur college students all over not to forget their "mommy."