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September 30, 2016

Watch: Police rescue deer trapped in Lower Merion fence

An animal control officer in Lower Merion was able to free a deer who trapped its backside through a fence.

A video posted by Carrie Gross Pestronk and reshared by the Lower Merion Police Department shows the animal stuck in a black, metal fence with its hind legs between two posts.

Animal Control Officer Ed Boegly was able to free the yearling deer by using a hacksaw. The entire ordeal took about a minute.

Gross Pestronk called for help in a Facebook post around 9 Friday morning after her son saw the deer while on his way to school, reported.

"There is a deer stuck in my fence who is alive. I called the police and animal rescue but they haven't shown up yet. I am standing outside with the animal. He is struggling. Is there anyone else I can call for help?" she wrote. 

It's not the only odd deer-related news to come out of the area this week. Just days ago, a police officer caught a buck who charged a Howell Township woman's 2008 GMC Envoy and tried to hop in – literally – on his dash cam.